Yearly subscription are available for Desi Cow Ghee(700 ml / 1000 ml) and Desi Buffalo Ghee(1000 ml).


  • No Price Fluctuations:
    Throughout the subscription you pay only for the cost at which you subscribe. If there is a downward revision in the prices then price will be reduced. But, in case there is upward revision in price then you don’t have to pay extra.


  • Priority Treatment:
    As you are aware that FarmBasket operates at limited scale to serve customers better, there is chance that quantity of certain product/variation may get out of stock because of heavy demand. In such cases you will have uninterrupted supply of the subscribed product.
    Priority treatment doesn’t stop there. If seasonal products are to be opened for the orders then you will be notified first before other people.


  • Extra orders:
    Sometimes for some special occasions if you want to order more than 2 jars then you can demand that to FarmBasket and it will be sent to you within 10 working days.
    In general orders, maximum jars that you can order are only for 1 / 2 jars at a time.
    There is no limit on maximum jars that you can order. You can exhaust all of the subscription orders if you want to.
  • Subscription Holiday:
    Sometimes you don’t want product because you haven’t finished earlier order yet. In such cases you can postpone the order.
    Maximum subscription period can be up to 15 months.


  • Simple Termination Policy:
    If you want to discontinue, the remaining amount will be refunded within 15 working days.


  • Free Jar:
    1 free 700 ml Jar at the end of the subscription(only for 1000 ml) which comes to around 6% percent of flat discount.


  • Custom Payment Mechanism:
    You have to pay only for 8 orders or Rs. 10000/-(whichever is lower) initially and rest you can pay within next 40 days.

  • Flexible Address:
    You can move anywhere within India and just update us. We will deliver the products.(Maximum two changes)


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