Shikakai Powder with Flower Extracts

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Shikakai is fruit for hair. Combined with the other ingredients, it is a staple of ayurvedic herbal hair care. It is an excellent cleanser that doesn’t strip natural oils from hair, and respects the pH balance.¬†Shikakai pods contain naturally occurring saponins which help clean off excess sebum and dirt from your scalp.

FarmBasket’s unique formula contains various natural herbs, roots, flowers & leaves in just right proportion such that it assists you fight against many hair related problems naturally. Shikakai powder contains Shikakai, Reetha, Amla, Hibiscus Flower and Leaves, Orange & Lemon Powder, White Daisy, Vetiver Roots, Bakuchi, Neem Leaves and few other items. All ingredients are dried, then crushed in pestle and mortar and mixed together in right quantities. Instead of spending huge amount on chemicals, this ancient ayurvedic remedy is worth a try.

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5 reviews for Shikakai Powder with Flower Extracts

  1. Archana Baheti

    No doubt, you people provide authentic products but I would suggest you to keep good stock. Getting your products have really become a challenge when needed.

  2. Meenakshi Bangar

    Used along with Fenugreek oil, followed the instructions as mentioned, had good lather and could see that scalp was getting clean properly with natural ingredient Reetha

  3. Deepti Rawat

    Good packaging, all natural ingredients, great smell after wash..ofcourse using it with coconut oil

  4. Ayeshah Rahath

    Using both fenugreek oil & Shikakai, definitely chemical free and that’s what I was searching for..cleans scalp really well, you can actually feel it. Always have been Using shikakai from teenager and this really helped me a lot in my hair care..only if they produce all year long would be helpful

  5. Anamika Lad

    Make your hair looks voluminous, mainly chemical free, no worrying of grey hair due to Amla..just you need to be patient to use this powder

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