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On customer request, we are introducing product samples to try. Hope you enjoy this!


Product Quantity Smell Edible Color Usage/Application
Forest Honey 30 Grams Sweet Yes Brown Direct, Hot Water, Milk, etc.
Desi Cow Ghee 30 ML Pungent Yes Yellow Direct, Rice, Roti, etc.
Garam Masala Powder 20 Grams Pungent Yes Brown/Black In Curry, Gravy, etc.
Desi Buffalo Ghee 30 ML Pungent Yes White Direct, Rice, Roti, etc.
Gulkand 30 Grams Sweet Yes Red/Brown Direct, Milk, Betel Leaf, Fruits, etc.
Washed Ghee Saffron Moisturiser 30 ML Pungent No White/Yellow External
Skin, Cuts,Burns, etc.

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3 reviews for Product Samples

  1. Jyoti Polla

    Gulkand is too good. Garam Masala is also excellent.

  2. Seema Bihari

    All of the products are great.

  3. Chloe D’souza

    How to order Washed Ghee?

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