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At FarmBasket.IN, we are on mission to bridge urban-rural divide. We promote raw and pure products that can make better impact on health of the consumers.

Made with sun-dried damask rose petals, organic rock sugar, in addition to being a natural coolants, this rose petals jam controls a range of health and heat issues.

  • specially made from organic and non-hybrid damask rose petals
  • Roses are cut in the development phase 2, not completely matured
  • Made with sulphur-free rock sugar (ratio 1:1)
  • Added natural coolants such as Green Cardamom and Pearl Calcium
  • Added with Kesar for fragrance
  • Completely sun-dried. No flame usage whatsoever.
  • No additives or Preservatives
  • Packed with various natural essential minerals
  • Tested for Nutritional profile including sugar and mineral profiles
  • Zero Complex Sugars such as lactose and sucrose

Gulkand is recommended by Ayurvedic, Unani and Persian medicine streams for various illness as mentioned below.

  • Controls body heat issues
  • beneficial for constipation or gas related
  • acts as catalyst in digestion and metabolism
  • cools the eyes and increases the eyesight
  • Effective on: Acidity, Headache, Lethargy and tiredness, Constipation and sputum, Periods related problem, Thyroid, PCOS, Skin problem, Insomnia complaints

The way you can consume Gulkand are:

  • Direct
  • With Betel Leaf
  • With Cold Milk
  • With Water
  • With Honey

FarmBasket is a non-profit organisation

Delivery of Gulkand will start in February end or March first week.

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12 reviews for Gulkand

  1. Shekhar Devarkonda

    I am using it with warm water for constipation

  2. Shalini Sugandhi

    Thanks for this product. My kids started liking milk after I replaced bournvita with Gulkand. Even, one kid for the first time asked me for the rose milk. I am also very happy that they are having a natural item. Ordered two more jars.

  3. Yogesh Gupta

    I am using this product in every summer. I am not sure the reason but, my nose bleeding has controlled

  4. Keshav Gaur

    One spoon morning and one evening.

  5. Nilesh Sharma

    Very tasty. I could taste rose petals

  6. Rajendra Shahu

    This time its little more sweeter but I love it.

  7. Naaz

    Sweet and addictive.

  8. Sharez M

    Fantastic Experience with farmbasket. Very good products overall. Just had gulkand. Now waiting for honey.

  9. Kedar Mothe

    I used this for my 3 year old daughter. Every day morning and evening with milk. I think it worked on digestion issues.

  10. Jyoti Limaye

    Best Gulkand. I am eating this everyday with milk.

  11. Durga Joshi

    Very good flavor. I liked this pure and tasty product. Please pack it in glass jar like honey

  12. Tejas Lodha

    Gave me good effect for heat problems

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