Nutmeg Infused
Desi Cow Ghee
with Nutmeg (Post Pregnancy)

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Nutmeg, known in Ayurveda as jātīphala, has beneficial properties which include laghu guna( very light on the gut), trutahara ( relieves thirst), vaktra kledahara(eases excess secretions in the mouth), vaktra daurgandhyahara (combats bad breath), artijit (treats sore throat), prameha (regulates diabetes), vrushya (potent aphrodisiac), hridaya (optimizes cardiac health).

Hence, cultured nutmeg is used for babies even before they have their first food, in ghooti with other Indian spices. The nutmeg is put under milk streams while milking the cow and is infused along with Ghee, following traditional process.
Always buy fresh and infused nutmeg as far as possible because the flavour and aroma of this spice can easily wither away with time.
Baby benefits in many ways when given this nutmeg with other spices in ghooti:

  • Improves sleep cycle at an early stage
  • Eradicate Colic issues
  • Due to warmness, treats cold and cough in babies and keeps them at bay

**Please consult pediatrician before starting ghooti

This Ghee is very beneficial for women post pregnancy(max 2 tbsp daily):

  • Many women suffer from lower back pain and joint pain post delivery
  • Nutmeg ghee serves as best lubricant for lower back pain and help recover the stress body has undergone entire pregnancy
  • Gut and liver are inflamed after delivery, this ghee will help increase digestive power, relieves constipation
  • Naturally manages stress and anxiety post delivery

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6 reviews for Nutmeg Infused
Desi Cow Ghee
with Nutmeg (Post Pregnancy)

  1. Chloe D’souza

    Thank you for starting this again. I was waiting for this for 8 months now. Launched at right time.

  2. Rajeshwari Botra

    Found this an interesting concept and had heard this from my nani, so ordered this after pregnancy, was taken away by aroma and used the nutmeg for my baby’s ghooti. Definitely worth trying

  3. Sejal Jain

    Nutmeg Infused Ghee is fantastic product by Farmbasket. I was looking for this since long everywhere. Thank you and waiting for more such products.

  4. Madhura L

    I see there is no major change in the Ghee as such but that nutmeg was great for baby. It had Ghee moisture over it. Giving it to my baby everyday since 3 months now.

  5. Kishori Thegde

    Thanks for bringing up ancient recipes.

  6. Puja Seth

    Hello, I ordered but what we have to do with this nutmeg? How do we use it. Help!

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