Garam Masala Powder

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At FarmBasket.IN, we are on mission to bridge urban-rural divide. We promote raw and pure products that can make better impact on health of the consumers.

Everyone uses it at some point, but no one is quite sure what goes in it, and we never really know what role it plays in the recipe. There is no single recipe for this divine blend. Every region in India, every area, every house, every generation within every house has a favorite variation and this is what makes it extremely difficult to standardise. Well, FarmBasket took it as challenge and decided come up with most possible authentic taste of spices at your doorstep.


  • Authentic blend of handpicked spices.
  • Contains more than 25 different ingredients tested and picked from all round the country
  • Prepared in small batches of approximate 10 kgs
  • No cryogenic machines or nitrogen usage
  • Pestle & mortar grounding of spices
  • Zero chemical and metals
  • Jain friendly. No onion! No garlic!!
  • Clean spices, No stones! No worms!! No impurities!!!
  • Assured Fresh. Delivered within 6 days of preparation
  • Experienced tasters to maintain the consistency
  • Natural Colors, taste and aroma


Known for its flexibility and amazing customer experience, FarmBasket give an option to customize Garam Masala as per your taste. You just have to put order notes on which spices you want more or less and team will be a minute away for detailed requirement gathering.

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9 reviews for Garam Masala Powder

  1. Arnold Singh

    I am chef and I like to try various authentic recipes. Came across this recently. This blend has my favourite punjabi and rajasthani touch. One suggestion keep usage of sweet spices like cinnamon less that what you are doing it right now.

  2. Astha Jaju

    Loved the aroma of this masala, really authentic!

  3. Shobha Kabra

    Fantastic Aroma. Very Fresh.

  4. Latha Gayathri

    Remembering my mothers hands

  5. Sandeep Bisoye

    Tried other brands, recently ordered this one, fast delivery, great taste to food and indeed an organic spice

  6. Kedar Gilote

    My mother loved this gift. I bought this as a part of farmbasket’s celebrate health combo

  7. Tarun Rote

    Really well balanced with all spices, perfect proportion. Only if they could deliver fast and keep the stock..I really face issues with stock not available

  8. Shyamal Mehta

    It is free of adulteration and chemicals that’s what I can say. I have been buying this since year now. Fantastic experience.

  9. Seeta Chandrasekharan

    Very spicy. But good things is that they gave me an option to make it less spicy.

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