Forest Honey (Seasonal)

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Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on earth. Lucky for us, it has amazing health benefits. Honey has been used in Ayurvedic medicine in India for at least 4,000 years and is considered to affect all three of the body’s primitive material imbalances(Vata, Pitta, Kapha) positively.

Few features of FarmBasket’s Wild Forest Honey are:

  • Extracted from dense, unexplored Jungles of Maharashtra and Karnataka
  • Tested for export quality parameters
  • Raw and completely unpasteurised filtering process
  • High number of pollen count (2,50,000+ pollens per gram)
  • No antibiotics or metal traces
  • No additives or Preservatives or chemical treatment
  • Seasonal Availability: Available only in December/January/February
  • Access Test Report here (Test Report of 2024 shall be sent to customers on 29th January)
  • Small Lead free Food Grade Jars each of 680 Grams

Delivery to start from 15 January 2024 – 15 March 2024. (Delivery in certain areas of Western Hyderabad and NCR will be faster)
Maximum Quantity: 12 Jars per person

Kindly reach out to us at  or +919493246852(WhatsApp) for any queries or feedback

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19 reviews for Forest Honey (Seasonal)

  1. Shlok Sinha

    This is by far the best honey available in India

  2. sharad chandra

    Great honey, fantastic support

  3. kedar surendra

    It has unique flavour. But little costly for me

  4. Suyash pawar

    I was searching for raw pure honey when i came across this from facebook. I have seen many brands of raw honey, but very much impressed by the excellent quality of this forest Honey. I also did my home tests for checking the quality of the honey and found it VERY GOOD. Definitely i would recommend it to any one who want to lead a healthy natural life.

  5. Rohit Pinjale

    -This honey is tasty, pure and wild. As per supplier’s explanation of process, the genuinity can be believed.
    Customer intraction is best , Quality of honey is really good

  6. Gilda

    I bought Honey 3 years back and its pure forest honey. My family said it immediately after tasting. I am Happy you guys are back.

  7. Nusrath Parveen

    I need honey pls call me

  8. Aarti J

    I have been using this product since last 2 years.
    Honey is genuinely superb and mainly the customer support team, they help you in every way they can and clear doubts.

  9. Anjana Kuteer R

    Really wild forest honey, you get lot addicted to the taste once you have it. Totally worth the buy

  10. Sonam Digvijay

    Took it after pregnancy daily with lemon, and see genuine results, in skin and weight loss, ofcourse along with exercise. Mainly, gives the satisfaction of eating pure thing which really matters these days. keep up the great work team!

  11. aditya shukla

    By far the best honey I ever tested

  12. Jyothsna B

    I can’t get enough of this! Delicious! Never tasted honey this good!

  13. Mamta Kasat

    The honey is genuine thick and very tasty. A little goes a long way. My family also loved it!!

  14. Aditya Bhagat

    I will definitely recommend this to the people out there who are looking natural honey. It’s really pure and truly natural.

  15. Amit M

    Taste is great (the best i have ever had), very thick. Quality is worth the price. Should also come in plastic squeezy pack (like dabur) for convenience.

  16. Faiyyaz Pathan

    No doubt about quality of honey. One suggestion, please start new combo for honey and ghee only.

  17. priyanka

    After consuming this product, I actually understood the difference between the quality of the products available in the market and this Honey. Its very different. This honey is pure and amazing one to buy. We spend lot of money on waste products, but this product is super duper hit especially for the ones who buy for their kids. I will always recommend this one to All.

  18. Himadri

    Love that it is organic. We all have so many toxins in our body, we sure don’t need to add any unnecessarily

  19. K Katta

    I am not expert in identifying genuineness of the product but taste, colour and simple tests to understand genuineness gives me confidence that it is a genuine raw honey.

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