Fenugreek Hair Oil (Seasonal)

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At FarmBasket.IN, we are on mission to bridge urban-rural divide. We promote raw and pure products that can make better impact on health of the consumers.

Fenugreek Hair Oil is gift of Ayurveda. This hair oil made from natural ingredients helps strengthen the root of the hair and prevents hair fall.

If you have below hair related problems then you are at right place.

  • Hair Density
  • Receding Hair Line
  • Hair Thinning
  • White Hair
  • Dandruff
  • Split Hair

Fenugreek Hair Oil is made from all natural ingredients such as

  • Fenugreek Seeds
  • Aloe Vera
  • Banyan tree aerial roots
  • Castor
  • Amla
  • Brahmi
  • Bhringraj
  • Hibiscus Leaves
  • Cold pressed Coconut oil
  • lot of sunlight

*No artificial colours or ingredients.


Application of Hair Oil is simple. Part your hair and apply oil on the scalp. Massage the scalp gently in a circular motion using your fingertips so that the oil is absorbed into the scalp. Leave it for one whole night before washing with Shikakai Powder or mild Shampoo.

Before you order:

  • Fenugreek Hair Oils is made fresh and only in two batches in year(December, May)
  • First batch delivery for summer season starts from 1st to 10th of February
  • Second batch delivery for winter season starts from 1st to 15th of June
  • This ancient recipe is made by tribal group based in Maharashtra
  • No machines used in the extraction process
  • Expiry Date is six months from date of delivery. (In between you can heat it a little to extend lifespan by placing oil in hot water)
  • No Quantity restriction but try not to order more than 2 bottles per person.

Bookings will be closed on 2nd February 2023 or after 10000 orders whichever is earlier.

FarmBasket is non-profit organisation.

Kindly reach out to admin@farmbasket.in or WhatsApp +919493246852 for any questions.

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24 reviews for Fenugreek Hair Oil (Seasonal)

  1. Rakhee Varma

    Would highly recommend this hair oil.. atleast give it a try gals !! Worth it

  2. pooja biradar

    For me it is important that this oil is free from any chemical, and that is what I look for my children hair care, chemical are biggest reason for grey hair..waiting for product to be delivered

  3. Sanaya Singh

    This hair oil is good option to reduce hairfall, had purchased it2 years before, no chemicals & I am so looking forward to use it again

  4. Mohini Rasal

    I used this 2 years ago, chemical free, you can see hairfall reduction and smoothness in hair but need to have patient. I am glad you started this product again. Waiting for product to be delivered soon!

  5. Shirisha Pothula

    Finally Prebooking has started..Awaiting for delivery

  6. Pranjal Vyas

    Tried only for a couple of month in the lockdown, as advised by team, applied few drops thrice a week and I noticed very less hair fall during hairwash..that is success of this oil for me.

  7. Supriya Thakur

    Used it after my delivery and I wish I could attach my six months pre n post use of this oil and how the baldness has reduced. Definitely chemical free, easy to wash .. n no smell post shower.

  8. Sanaya Singh

    I’ve been using it since 2017, in love with this oil, whenever I feel my hair is getting thin and breaking too much, I just apply it for a week, and then my good hair days are back

  9. Reena rajput

    I’m using this product for the first time as I have been suffering from hairfall and I tried everything.. in just a month of use, I could feel the difference.

  10. Shivani Patil

    I think it’s work on me. Not 100 %, but 40% hairfall is reduced. I will continue

  11. Madhushree ghosh

    Obviously this oil is bit pricy but it will give you justice to your money . I came here for 2nd purchase, but oil gets over pretty fast, so pre-booking.

  12. Shivani Sharma

    my college friend recommended me this. after using I am so happy. Good for hair fall and pleasant smell

  13. Radhika Laddha

    Used this after postpartum , I did not want to go for high rated brands which does not make any difference, definitely I took time, followed instructions and hairfall was in control even while breastfeeding,

  14. Aparajita Karwa

    I have been using this product since 7 mnths almost n this is such a nice product…does what it says..totally ayurvedic product .have no chemicals in it…amazing product for hair growth..i love with this

  15. anilgeit

    This one deserves five stars. Very much satisfied. I amusing this product from last 1 month for my little daughter the hair thickness, density increased after applying it

  16. Akshita Maheshwari

    Thank you farmbasket for making me fall in love with my hair! The best hair oil and shikhai powder i have ever used. The combination is just so perfect. Highly recommended. Amazing customer support 🙂

  17. Ashrita A

    You require patience to see the results, as it is chemical free oil.

  18. Rajani

    Finally after using this for more then three months I am giving my review. This oil really help me to control hair fall and for reducing roughness of my hair.

  19. Nandini Rao

    Within 2-3 applications, there was a major change. My Mom observed almost negligible number of hair strands after/during hairwash, which is a very big deal for someone who deals with n number of strands with every day with/without hairwash. Days past & almost zero hairfall. Healthy hair..Most of my family & mom’s friends use this hair oil with Shikakai. Thank you FB

  20. Jo

    I love the fresh and flowery aroma with a whiff of the woods. I used it overnight and I felt even my skin kinda looked soft in the morning. Guess cuz of the cooling properties of the oil. Love it!

  21. Irfan

    promising product and nice customer support

  22. Shamal

    This one deserves five stars. Very happy. Hair fall controlled to great extent

  23. Saloni

    I cannot find this hair oil anywhere online except for this site. All website have the procedure to make this at home which is tedious. The best hair oil and Shikakai powder I have used and you can actually see the benefits. Great product.

  24. Archana

    very aromatic and well absorbed into the scalp. Very much satisfied with the product.

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