Desi Cow Ghee

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At FarmBasket.IN, we are on mission to bridge urban-rural divide. We promote raw and pure products that can make better impact on health of the consumers.

  • Desi A2 Cow Ghee is prepared by the ancient Vedic methodology
  • Obtained from Bilona method of Milk -> Curd -> Butter -> Ghee
  • Made in small batches every day with curd that is set overnight
  • Each Jar is homemade and handmade
  • Heated on low Flame
  • No additives or Preservatives
  • Rathi, Khillari and Sahiwal breed of cows
  • 25 healthy cows graze freely over 4.5 acres of farms
  • Addition to grass and fodder, cows are given natural ayurvedic herbs for better nutritional quality of milk and ghee
  • No machineries used
  • No pollution in the extraction process
  • Sustainable farming is practiced
  • Delivered fresh from farms located in Jamkhed, Maharashtra
FarmBasket is subsidary of Veenayaki Organics(GSTIN: 27ACKPL9452B1ZI) which is a non-profit organization

Kindly reach out to us at  or +919493246852(WhatsApp) for any queries or feedback

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23 reviews for Desi Cow Ghee

  1. faizunnahar

    I ordered and the same day I received the product. The aroma of the ghee is really good and quality is also great. Thanks for the nice service.

  2. Shubhika Garg

    I was looking for pure ghee for Diwali sweets, found it. Delivered in 2 days. I am just loving the texture and taste of ghee!

  3. Swati Somani

    much better than other sold ghee, after trying a gazillion of brands giving ghee in the name of a2 ghee… I’ve fallen in love with the purity of this product,.the price range is perfect for the product I hope they’ll maintain the quality, packaging and purity always. Guys buy it with closed eyes.

  4. Nilay Tella

    Excellent product quality. Taste and Aroma really good. The main visible effect I can say is my kid’s sleep quality has been increased in these weeks. Message for the Makers…”Keep up doing the good work!!!”

  5. P P Mantri


  6. Alka Sharma

    First time I bought this ghee and it is exactly same in taste, texture and smell as I used to make it at home with pure cow milk. Very authentic. Definitely worth the price

  7. Rajat N V

    Bought this product after a lot of research on A2 Cow Ghee, this Ghee meets all the expectations, mild flavors and Aroma very much similar to Ghee made at home. After mailing them some questions, I was surprised to get a call from the owner who explained all about ghee and cows and their feed.

  8. sejal doshi

    I have been using for this ghee since 2 years, as I always ate ghee of my village (from bilona) which my grandpa brought for me. But after those period I kept changing ghee, because I couldn’t find the same taste, flavour and purity.

  9. Vishnu Rao Patil

    The taste is rich and I ordered this product specially for my 1 year old baby. In few weeks I have noticed considerable difference in his digestive health. With all other cheap ghee available in the stores he was struggling with indigestion and frequent burps.

  10. Jahnvi Shah

    Very Armotaic

  11. Sirisha Chandra

    I can feel freshness of ghee. Customer support is excellent. They gave me all of the required information honestly.

  12. shrutika R L

    Have this ghee with plain Rice or kichadi and you will go nuts with the taste and quality. I would definitely recommend buying people this ghee – indeed discovered the purity as they say. They are expanding the operations and I would definitely support the cause as this is a non profit org and profit goes to farmers.

  13. Arpita Kalantri

    Really impressed by the product line of this brand. I have so far used the both cow and buffalo ghee. The quality of the ghee I have brought has been superior to other brands. I have recommended the brand as well as the products to friends and family.

  14. Harsh Chittineni

    Always had issue of constipation, as advised by friend bought this ghee and could see result within few months. Just used it as topping on food for dinner. Constipation gone,

  15. Sumeet Prabhakar

    Ghee is of very good quality. I had initially bought it for my baby daughter but after consuming it i think it is healthy option for all. Thank you farmbasket for your great product as well as service.

  16. Vipula Ghodke

    This ghee is just amazing! You will be able to tell the difference from the cheaper supermarket ghee that you would otherwise purchase just from the rich aroma and consistency.

  17. Swarup Ladhane

    We are very conscious when it comes to food, and choose for our family food that is non chemical, organic and healthy.. When added to food , makes the taste of the food richer.
    Since it is winter , we made some ladoo with the ghee and my family is crazy after the taste.
    My search for the best ends with this ghee. Thank you farmbasket

  18. Rajdeep N V

    The best ghee I ever’s purity not at all exaggerated….beautiful aroma, taste & really good for health if consumed daily…excellent packing gives another dimension for compliance.

  19. Pankaj Ladda

    Nice Fragrance. Remind me my childhood

  20. priyanka ladha

    Awesome ghee. Immediately after using it I had placed another order for my parents.

  21. Krishanveni R

    Very good taste. Bought for my kids. Best in Hyderabad

  22. Aditya Gupta

    Very Fresh. They delivered it to me in 2 days.

  23. Jugalkishor Tripathi

    Very transparent and honest communication. I am enjoying my order since 2 years. Recently subscribed to their yearly subscription with attractive discount. They have even gone one step ahead and helped me with other organic products without any additional consultation fees.

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