Coconut Vetiver Hair Oil

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Coconut Vetiver Hair Oil is best way to maintain your hair and scalp health. This oil helps you against heat, dandruff, split hair, and dry skin.

Coconut protects your hair from heat damage, scalp irritation, fungal infections and acts as natural moisturiser. It contains significant quantity of Lauric acid which has many antimicrobial properties.

On other side, Vetiver Roots improves blood circulation in the hair follicles, takes part in collagen formation, and improves concentration and memory. Its soothing aroma assist you fight against anxiety, insomnia and depression.

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7 reviews for Coconut Vetiver Hair Oil

  1. Ranjit Bhoite patil

    Good coconut hair oil, give massive moisture to the hair, reduces hair loss problem it repaired my damaged skull and hairs.It is pure and organic..only if they can make it available all the time would be really helpful

  2. Bhoumik shah

    This is really a very nice pure coconut oil.the smell the texture everything will make u realise how pure it is. I am using it both for may skin moisturizing and hair oiling.loved it

  3. Vipula Gh

    Oil is definitely pure, you can make it out from smell and its melting point on palm.. addition of vetiver gives smoothness to my hair

  4. Rutuja Marclecha

    Given the pollution of Pune, it gave cooling property, maybe because of vetiver and smoothness because of hibiscus. I really liked the oil. Used it for 2 months to see actual results. That is how chemical free products heal damaged hair rather than making it more rough, and I have seen this difference with chemical free and chemical based oil

  5. Meenakshi Kakani

    I am using it for my kids for hair daily, and very much satisfied with the quality and also reasonable compared to other hair oil

  6. Sreemita Dey

    Worked very well on my hair, controlled hairfall to an extent, would be interested in buying again!

  7. Prathima Kothule

    It has pure coconut smell, one will understand if they really have smelled pure coconut oil..controlled my frizziness, for price the quality and quantity is just awesome.

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