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To keep the honey in its top form, a. Store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight. b. Don’t dip metal spoon in honey and honey shall always be stored in dry bottles with no moisture remains. c. Never store honey in the refrigerator, as that will speed crystallization.
Real, raw honey crystallizes. The crystallization of honey is actually an attribute of pure and natural honey. Why? Honey is a highly concentrated sugar solution. It contains more than 70% sugars and less than 20% water. This means that the water in honey contains more sugar than it should naturally hold. The overabundance of sugar makes honey unstable. Thus, it is natural for honey to crystallize since it is an over-saturated sugar solution. You can return the crystallized honey to liquid again by removing the lid and placing the jar in warm water until the crystals dissolve.
Honey foam may be one of the most surprising things about the appearance of raw honey. This is due to tiny CO2 air bubbles entrained in the honey during the de-crystallization of honey. When the honey sets for a while, the air bubbles work their way up to the top of the container creating layer. Even though the final bottling of raw honeys is done using the incredibly fascinating, but deceptively simple force of gravity, the honey foam stays in the honey and will rise to the top over time. Honey foam is delicious. It is light, flavorful, and packed with air bubbles that have trapped some of the wondrous stuff that is in raw honey: pollen, propolis, wax, and, of course, raw honey.
It is said that honey’s taste should vanish from tongue in sometime. But impure honey mixed with sweetening syrup sticks to tongue and we get prolonged sweet taste though we already swallowed it. There are lots of reasons for taste difference of raw honey from market packs of honey.
  • a. Refined Honey: Raw honey contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes not present in refined honey. Good honey cites the remnants of pollen and wax or inevitable airborne dust from hand-bottled jars that can make their way into honey. Due to filtration, heating and adding fructose to increase weight, market honey loses the raw taste.
  • b. Also few of the brands in market do not sell natural honey. They just mix right combination of fructose and other content and make synthetic honey which easily surpasses FSSAI testing. This kind of honey has no real fragrance, taste and properties inherited from tree.
  • 92% of honey is composed of levulose (Fructose), dextrose (Glucose) and water. The ratio of levulose, dextrose, water and the remaining other 8% of various sugars etc. is different for each source of nectar. This is why each honey has a unique flavor, aroma, body and color. Nectar is mostly water, much of which is evaporated by the bees in the curing process of the honey. As the honey cures it becomes a supersaturated sugar solution. This means that the solution contains more sugar then would naturally dissolve into water at that temperature.
    Honey, Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and whole grains contain simple sugars. When simple sugars are naturally found in whole food, they come with vitamins, minerals, protein, phytochemicals and fiber. The presence of fiber makes a significant difference because it slows down the absorption of sugar, which moderates its impact on blood sugar. Natural sugar in whole food is good sugar. When any type of sugar is added to foods during processing, cooking or at the table, you consume calories without any nutrients or fiber. This type of sugar, called added sugar, is bad sugar.
    The appeal of honey is that it’s not just fructose or glucose, but a mixture of all sorts of compounds, minerals, and more. Overall, honey improves blood lipids, lowered inflammatory markers, and has minimal effect on blood glucose levels. Along with that, honey resulted in a lower blood glucose spike compared to other types of sugar. Your body’s primary source of energy is glucose, so it’s important to get at least 130 grams of total carbohydrates in your daily diet, including 38 grams of fiber for men and 25 grams of fiber for women. Try to get all of your carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans.
    It is believed that drinking the honey and lemon water mixture every morning on an empty stomach boosts metabolism which helps you lose weight. But this miracle drink does a lot more than speed up weight loss. Lemon helps your liver produce more bile that helps your digestive system break down complex foods better and utilize the essential components. Honey, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties that prevent infections. Honey and lemon water is believed to cleanse the colon and expel undigested food, intestinal cells and other toxins that have built up in it. The removal of toxins improves the absorption of nutrients in the stomach and helps you stay hydrated. This drink is also believed to prevent bloating. This drink is a great detoxifying agent and helps in flushing the toxins that have built up in the lymphatic system. It also boosts your lymphatic system and hydrates the entire system.
    Raw honey tastes better than, and is much better for you than, conventional commercially packaged honey. Unfortunately raw honey is also much more susceptible to fermentation than conventional commercially packaged honey. That is because commercially packaged honey that is not raw, has been pasteurized to kill the yeast, and has been filtered to remove most seed material that aids crystallization. Fermentation is the production of ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast as it grows and feeds on sugar. The ethyl alcohol may then break down into acetic acid (vinegar) and water in the presents of oxygen. The combined flavors of yeast, alcohol and acetic acid make the honey unpalatable. A number of physical changes also occur within the honey changing its physical characteristics as it ferments. As yeast grows it produces carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide gas forms bubbles that push the sugar solution away from the dextrose sugar crystals making them visible. The sugar crystals will appear as light areas in the crystallized honey, forming feathery fractal like patterns. The longer it ferments the larger these light regions will grow.


    You can put it on hair in lot of ways. Some use curd instead of water. Some keep it overnight and then apply it for couple of hours. To be short on effects, most time consuming method gives best effect. You may search online for some other methods of usage. We are giving quickest possible way here.
    • Take considerable amount of Shikakai powder depending on length of your hair
    • Add drinking water such that you can wash hair 3 times in single hair wash, and boil it on low flame till completely boiled. Strain it using cloth. (Optionally you can keep this mixture overnight).
    •  Rinse hair with the strained Shikakai water at least 3 times(if you have hair long & oily).
    • During 3rd wash, keep it for 2 minutes time on hair and then give a good wash.
    •  Apply the remaining Shikakai powder on your body as scrub.
    • Wash every 4 days to see good volumizing effect.
    This Shikakai powder contains dried hibiscus flowers, white daisy and few other items which secretes oil and keep hair lustrous. So it is important you keep it an airtight container to avoid moisture else it becomes rock hard. You can still crush it and use it or sun dry to get it dry again.
    All natural ingredients like Shikakahi, Ritha, Amla, Hibiscus flower, Orange & Lemon peel, White daisy, Vetiver and few other items are dried, then crushed in pestle and mortar and grinded together with right quantities.
    • Soaked Overnight Shikakai Solution has to be boiled on low flame.
    • Keep your eyes closed while washing to avoid burning of eyes.
    • Why wash twice/thrice? The first wash stirs up skin cells, oil, and dirt, and the second wash cleans them away. Third wash to make sure oil is completely stripped off. Rinse well.
    • In first wash, slowly pour HALF of your mixture onto your wet hair, and gently massage your scalp. It will make your hair feel like straw – and that is normal for this setup.
    • It makes their hair feel like plastic hair, but that’s the volumizing part for hair.
    • It will take month to perfect depending on your hair texture & length.


    Lemongrass is a beneficial herb medicine and an aromatic storehouse of essential nutrients providing a wide array of health benefits. Its special fragrance not only makes tea special but healthy too.
    Simplest recipe is to add pinch of Lemongrass powder along with tea powder and prepare ginger tea in traditional way. Enjoy the taste of the natural aromatic tea. You may put into Iced Tea also. Browse internet for more recipes.
    Helps Digestion, Cleanses and Detoxifies. Use mainly when you have cold as lemongrass heals Colds, Flu and controls Blood pressure. Lemongrass tea is generally considered safe and without side effects, although you should avoid it if you're pregnant.
    It must be stored in air tight container so its aroma does not get lost and it should be away from open food items. Otherwise food items will get dominant fragrance from lemongrass which will affect their own taste.


    Desi Ghee is prepared by the ancient Vedic methodology Obtained from Bilona method of Milk -> Curd -> Butter -> Ghee Made in small batches every day with curd that is set overnight
    Color of the ghee depends on how much you boil the butter and also on flame. There may be little variation in color because of this but quality remains same.
    • Store in your kitchen cabinet (away from light, not on the counter) for up to 3 months. After that you can refrigerate it for up to six months. Ghee will become hard in the refrigerator. However, it will become soft again once you take it out of the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for some time.
    Normal ghee that you get in market is mixed with vegetable oil (Dalda). It is refined and processed chemically to minimize its smell and other characteristics too. There are additives and preservatives used so Ghee does not catch a bad smell sooner and this changes/removes the taste of the ghee completely. We deliver ghee in its natural form made using bilona method, with real flavor and fragrance.
    It lasts for 4 months easily without any refrigeration. You may refrigerate if you want it to go beyond 4 months. Also, keep monitoring for fragrance changes. You may consume it in one month after fragrance start changing. Keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight.
    • After we make the ghee and allow it to settle and cool down naturally at room temperature, ghee acquires a grainy texture. This lovely texture is not in any way a defect in the product. When you cook with ghee, or use it as a spread on a warm food (like a toast), the grainy texture disappears very quickly.
    • If you like your ghee to be soft and want to use it as a spread on a cold food then simply warm up the ghee for a few seconds on low heat. This does impact the texture, but there is no other effect on the taste, quality and shelf-life of the ghee.
    • If you prefer to have a homogeneous solid looking ghee then you may perform these steps:
    1) Take out the ghee in a dry and clean stainless steel pan, melt the ghee on low heat and pour it back into the jar. Alternatively, you can simply fill a pot with hot water and submerge tightly closed ghee jar in it to melt the ghee. 2) Keep the water level below the lid. After this tighten the lid and put the jar in the refrigerator (do not freeze) overnight. 3) Take out of the jar from refrigerator next day and leave it on the counter-top. Ghee will stay smooth now even at room temperature.


    In hot country like Indian, Fenugreek Aloe Vera oil is gift of Ayurveda. This hair oil with natural ingredients helps to strengthen the root of the hair and prevents hair fall.
  • a. Fenugreek strengthens the follicles and promotes in hair growth, treats premature greying and dandruff too.
  • b. Aloe Vera contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny.
  • c. Banyan tree aerial roots keeps our body cool with regular application and regulates hair growth at faster rate (like the roots).
  • You can apply this as any essential hair oil. Idea is to apply and leave it for as much duration as you can.
  • a. Part your hair and apply oil on the scalp.
  • b. Massage the scalp gently in a circular motion using your fingertips so that the oil is absorbed into the scalp.
  • c. Leave on for at least one whole night before washing with Shikakai. Alternative way is to apply it daily as normal oil.
  • (Optional: Try to wash your hair before applying so that scalp is clear)
    Pure coconut oil is base for this one to give more nutrients to oil. Sprouts of fenugreek are separated and then kept into coconut oil in sunlight for some days.



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