Why Bee-have?

Honey is a concentrated solution of naturally digested body sugars with Plant Metabolites of Source Flora collected from honey-bees

The Joy of true nature is useful to humanity to improve intelligence, unmatched stamina & immune power against diseases.

  1. Prepare sherbet using 25gm honey(approx. 2 tbsp) with lemon or lemon barley water, which supplies energy in the form of calories & nutrients, hence controlling deposition of excess fats & reduces obesity by having control over eating.
  2. Use honey in ‘Panchamrut‘ prepared by mixing Curd, Milk, Pure Desi Cow Ghee, Sugar and Honey. This improves immune mainly for toddlers.
  3. Honey to be used as spread with bread or chapatis, use as sweetener in various liquid perpetrations like milkshake, smoothies etc. by cutting out artificial sugar.
  4. Kadha’ of Tulsi leaves, honey, ginger extract, black pepper and organic turmeric consumed two times a day is useful to recover from cough & cold, fever, skin infections.
  5. Regular consumption of honey in Murabba:
    – Murabba of dried dates in honey to increase Hemoglobin
    – Murabba of Almond crushes in honey to increase memory
    – Murabba of Garlic powder in honey controls cholesterol level

Have you had your choice of honey dose today?

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