Clarified Butter vs. Desi Ghee

People use them interchangeably. But, we simply don’t agree. Do you really know what makes them different?

Desi Ghee is obtained after milk undergoes fermentation process to get curd, which in turn is converted into butter and hence Ghee. Given the extra cooking time, ghee has a nuttier flavor when compared to clarified butter.

On the other hand, Clarified butter is obtained directly from boiling the cream of the milk.

The cultured Desi Ghee has lesser quantity of bad cholesterol and trans-fat compared to Clarified butter.

According to independent study conducted by Farmbasket.IN, we found that level of trans-fats in Desi Ghee is less than at least 55% compared to that of Clarified Butter.

You should choose your battles if you can, wisely!

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