Desi Cow Ghee


At FarmBasket.IN, we are on mission to bridge urban-rural divide. We promote raw and pure products that can make better impact on health of the consumers.

  • Desi A2 Cow Ghee is prepared by the ancient Vedic methodology
  • Obtained from Bilona method of Milk -> Curd -> Butter -> Ghee
  • Made in small batches every day with curd that is set overnight
  • Each Jar is homemade and handmade
  • Heated on low Flame
  • No additives or Preservatives
  • Rathi, Khillari and Sahiwal breed of cows
  • 25 healthy cows graze freely over 4.5 acres of farms
  • Addition to grass and fodder, cows are given natural ayurvedic herbs for better nutritional quality of milk and ghee
  • No machineries used
  • No pollution in the extraction process
  • Sustainable farming is practiced
  • Delivered fresh from farms located in Jamkhed, Maharashtra
FarmBasket is subsidary of Veenayaki Organics(GSTIN: 27ACKPL9452B1ZI) which is a non-profit organization

Kindly reach out to us at  or +919493246852(WhatsApp) for any queries or feedback

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  1. P P Mantri


  2. Alka Sharma

    First time I bought this ghee and it is exactly same in taste, texture and smell as I make at home with pure cow milk. Very authentic. Definitely worth the price

  3. Rajat N V

    Bought this product after a lot of research on A2 Cow Ghee, this Ghee meets all the expectations, mild flavors and Aroma very much similar to Ghee made at home. Was surprised to get a call from the owner who explained all about ghee and cows and their feed. If you are looking for unadulterated A2Cow Ghee, I suggest you give this brand a try.

  4. Jahnvi Shah

    Very Armotaic

  5. Sirisha Chandra

    I can feel freshness of ghee. Customer support is excellent. They gave me all of the required information honestly.

  6. Pankaj Ladda

    Nice Fragrance. Remind me my childhood

  7. Krishanveni R

    Very good taste. Bought for my kids. Best in Hyderabad

  8. Aditya Gupta

    Very Fresh. They delivered it to me in 2 days.

  9. Jugalkishor Tripathi

    Very transparent and honest communication. They answer my calls 24 / 7. I am enjoying my order since 2 years. Recently subscribed to their yearly subscription with attractive discount. They have even gone one step ahead and helped me with other organic products without any additional consultation fees.

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